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At The Music Therapy Trust, our team of trained therapists are dedicated to providing quality music therapy services to the community. Our mission is to establish music therapy in India with stronger roots and build awareness about this accessible and effective form of therapy.

The trust offers therapy to a variety of clientele including paediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric clients. Services are available to clients with special needs and also to clients who want to live a positive and healthy life. All music therapy services are provided by certified therapists who receive regular supervision for their cases. Our sessions are specifically designed to meet each client's individual needs. These include:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan

  • Individual or Group Music Therapy

  • Collaboration with schools, agencies, and other health professionals

  • Music Therapy for corporates, communities and organisations

Clinical music therapy is an active method which encourages the clinical improvisation method. Musical relationship, interaction and engagement with the client are the key therapeutic goals which we work with. Music therapy is unique to other therapies because it is a non-forced approach which is completely client-led. It is non-verbal and non-threatening. In fact, music is so appealing and organic, that it does not require much effort from the client to get engaged in the sessions.

Music therapy is currently provided by our qualified music therapists holding a Master of Music Therapy degree from the UK. They have studied various aspects of psychology, psychotherapy and counselling skills as part of their training. In addition to this, they have also been exposed to months of practical work with the clients as part of their therapeutic skills development and work experience. Our therapists are skilled, efficient, and conduct informed clinical music therapy.  Therapists are regularly guided and supervised by their senior music therapists based in the UK.

Receive Music Therapy

Both individual and group services are offered by The Music Therapy Trust. Individual sessions take about 30 – 40 minutes while group sessions take about 50 – 60 minutes. Sessions are conducted once a week unless the client requires or wants more frequent sessions. Every session is video recorded for monitoring and assessment purposes. Assessment is done based on 3 - 6 month plan with reports given every 3 or 6 months.

Music Therapy services are available for larger clinical and non-clinical population. To know about the range of our services please click here or contact us.


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