Corporate Engagements

The Music Therapy Trust conducts team building activities for organizations using music therapeutic skills. Through our various activities we are able to foster positive relationships among employees, build a spirit of unity within the organization and relieve stress.

The Benefits of a Therapeutic Music for Corporate Clients
  • Incorporating therapeutic skills in the corporate world offers a lot of benefits. Employees in the corporate sector are highly stressed due to working hours, deadlines and targets and mundane routines at work. benefit. The use of therapeutic music skills helps in stress management and in turn helps the individual to become more productive at work.

  • Bringing together employees of all ranks and positions helps create a positive atmosphere in the work environment and helps to promote communication between bosses and workers. Drum or voice circles are very effective for companies who want better teamwork and creation of new ideas. It also creates a feeling of connection between all the participants.

  • Those feeling lethargic and tired may find themselves energetic and motivated after a drum circle with their colleagues.

If you feel that your company would benefit or would like to experience a drum/voice circle, feel free to ask us for a proposal.


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