Music therapists work in psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitative facilities, medical hospitals, outpatient clinics, day care treatment centres, agencies serving developmentally disabled persons, community mental health centres, drug and alcohol programs, senior centres, nursing homes, hospice programs, correctional facilities, halfway houses, schools, and private practice.


Essential to music therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. It is almost entirely based on improvisation - the music being the shared, spontaneous creation of client and therapist. Music therapy is a medium in which people may take steps towards developing their skills and abilities by virtue of relating, primarily in a non- verbal way, with others.

Diploma in Music Therapy

The programme is designed to train musicians and health care professionals as music therapists with the ability and flexibility to practice professionally with a wide range of clients within the health system, education, social services or private sector.

Skill Sharing

The workshop offers knowledge and skills based on evidence based clinical music therapy intervention and aims to enable the professionals to lead special children in a creative and unique “Therapeutic Music Making Process.”


These workshops are specially designed to offer specific musical tools and teachings for professionals to use when  treating clients.


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